Be the best YOU, you can be

My career kicked off in 2007 after school at the Sharks Rugby Union as a professional rugby player. In 2010 I had the opportunity to play for the Lions  in Johannesburg during which I played for Boland on loan for the Currie Cup during the 2011 season. Unfortunately in 2011 my career as a professional rugby player came to an end due to a serious motorbike accident.

I was set back for a year doing rehab and recovering, it’s then when I started doing Pilates as another form of rehab and decided to do my course as an extra, never knowing that it will be the next chapter of my life. My grandfather used to say “the road you must walk you will walk”

In 2012 I opened my Pilates studio and have been doing it ever since – changing peoples lives which I’m very grateful for.  From the age of 14 when I started training, I knew that rugby will not always be there, but that I have a passion for the fitness industry.

Apart from rugby and pilates, I was fortunate to represent Gauteng at the South African swimming competitions 4 years running during which I received 3 medals.

Growing up in Durban I had a love for  water and the ocean. In 2015 I Qualified as a PADI Open Scuba Instructor. This sparked another love of mine – Underwater Photography – now I get to travel all over the world each year visiting various destinations exploring the underwater world. As an international SAI swim instructor I am able to train children on a ‘one on one’ basis. Some of our training sessions were done at Ryk Neethling swim school.

It does not matter what life throws at you – My motto in life has always been –  “Never give up”